Social Live has established and is enforcing regulatory policies on service operation standards and use to foster a healthy media culture.

Social Live Operating Policy is created by referring to the “Broadcasting Review Regulation on Information and Communication under Korea Communications Standards Commission', and the Policy applies to all users (including non-members) of the services on Social Live platform.

Social Live strives to establish reasonable operational policies by gathering user feedback. Please observe the following Operating Policies to be a pleasant and beneficial space when using Social Live. In case if you have any objection to the action received due to the violation of the Operating Policy, you may request an objection through 1 on 1 inquiry board in the customer center.
Video Chat service makes a conversation without any limit between users. However, it leads that some users can cause uncomfortable feelings and offer contents with bad intention to other users. That's why we provide the terms and the operating policy to prevent some issues we mentioned above.


1) Obscene

- Exposing genitals, sexual activity
- Indecent act other than the above

2) Gambling

- Illegal private online sports betting, other gambling sales and game money exchanges or promotions
- Gambling and meandering activities other than above

3) Illegality

- Prostitution or promoting sex
- Gambling / Free Server / Paid Surrogate Ranks or Promoting Games
- Disseminate personal information of others
- Violation of the Road Traffic Act
- Sharing information about criminal offenses or encouraging or encouraging acts that violate the law
- Illegal acts other than the above

4) Copyright Infringement

- Infringement of a copyrighted work that has received a report of infringement from the copyright holder
- Copyright infringement of sports, movies, animations, TV channels, etc., without social live copyright
- Infringement of copyrighted work(s) in which the copyright protection period has not expired
- Edit or damage any copyrighted work(s) without the permission of the copyright holder
- Copyright infringements other than the above

5) Harmful to Juveniles

- Content that interferes with adolescent emotions or excessive profanity or sensational remarks
- Content of items for juveniles (alcohol, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vitamin sticks, sexual instruments, etc.)
- Content of youth access control services (sound source, video, youth access bans and sites, etc.)
- Youth harmful behaviors other than the above

6) Disorderly Conduct

- Excessive swearing and inappropriate language
- Excessive violence, threats, disgust, cruelty
- Use of vulgar or sensational expressions, such as underwear or swearing
- Intentionally highlighting a specific area or continuing a sensational direction
- Severe vandalism and damage
- Damage to the person or others' bodies, including suicide and assault
- Harm or universally disallow the universal social order
- Acting sensibly in exchange for money, items, or recommendations
- Disorderly conducts other than the above

7) Defamation

[Belittle Others]

- Attack, slander or insult others' weaknesses
- Speaking of personal information of others
- Speak false or unverified information about others
- Harming another person's name, identity, social status, personality, etc.
- Certain politician slanders and incitements
- Defamation If the act and the target are specified, the parties will also be notified.

[Disability Discrimination and Degradation]

- Insult, demean, despise, criticize, or cause demeaning of disabilities or persons with disabilities
- Bullying or causing bullying to disabilities
- Harassing, motivating, abusing, or abusing disability or persons with disabilities
- Verbal expressions that harass the sexual shame of disabilities
- Improper treatment or cause of disrespect, disrespect, insults, abuse, exploitation, imprisonment, or assault on women or children with disabilities for reasons of disability.
- Specific physical dislikes and abusive behaviors
- Remarks and acts that treat certain acts as disable
- Remarks and actions that refer to an unspecified number of people as disabled;
- Others in addition to the above items

[Regional / Religious / Racial / Gender Discrimination and Degradation]

- Discriminate against, or prejudice, any particular area, religion, race, etc. without good cause;
- Mention or derogation of discriminatory terms against a particular race, region or religion
- Promoting disputes between genders
8) Violation of Internal Review Standards

- Interfere with the operation of the service or adversely affect the service
- Promote, subscribe, or use domestic/international live streaming services that are not partnering with Social Live.
- Companies, organizations, and individuals doing commercial activities that have not been discussed beforehand on the Social Live platform, and for those who belong to these group(s) and broadcasting on the platform.
- Broadcasting the content of other BJs without permission (Thief Broadcasting)
- Acting on behalf of others (Agent Broadcasting)
- Broadcasting multiple content from one single account (one Live and VOD each is allowed)
- Earn money by selling items provided by the Company to assist in the creation of content
- Confusing or deceiving users by impersonating service name, employees and management
- All the other violations other than above


[Details of Action by Service]

In Chat-room : Warning or suspend the room, limiting creation , forced to exit, kick-out
Message : Alert or suspend, deleting message

[Standards of Sanctions]

Warning : Minor offenses, offenses by others, even if a person didn’t recognize, the person is being considered to participate in the violation
Force Quit or Suspend : If determined that there the Operating Policy is being violated or intentional, action may be taken by the operator’s judgement.

[Suspension Period]

1st Time : will be suspended for 7 days
2 or more times : will be suspended for 14 days per count
5 or more times : the account will permanently be suspended
※ Warning, suspension and period are determined based on the violation of the Operating Policy
※ In the event of serious violations of the policy, such as catastrophic injuries to social convictions and service images, a strong suspension of more than 30 days of suspension will be enforced regardless of previous warnings and suspension history.
※ Socially unacceptable acts, illegal and illegal acts are strictly enforced.
※ Suspension does not apply cumulative period by default and is based on 3 days suspension. However, the following items apply cumulatively to the suspension period.

[Cumulatively Applied Items]

Free Server, Sales and Use of Hack
Copyright Infringement (All works related to the public and cable TVs, movies)
Significant Disorderly Conduct (Excessive violence, suicide and any physical harm)


If you disagree with the sanctions you received from Social Live, you can file an appeal with Customer Center during the suspension period. Upon receipt of your application, we will carefully review the contents and inform you of the results of your actions.