Social Live Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Company) has established and is implementing the youth protection policy based on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network and Information Protection Act in order to protect the youth from harmful information to be growing into a healthy person. 1. PROTECTION OF YOUTH RIGHTS 1) Rights to Protection from harmful environment The Company takes measures to protect youth health from the environment that may harm or damage. 2) Privacy Policy The Company processes and manages the personal information of teenagers in accordance with its internal privacypolicy. In order to provide our service to the youth customers, we legally and lawfully collect the personal information to the minimum at the membership registration stage and do not use it for purposes other than the basic purpose. We will also take the best steps to ensure that personal information collected is securely managed. You may request to view and correct minor legal representatives or your personal information. 2. YOUTH ACCESS CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT OF HARMFUL INFORMATIONThe Company is strictly managing the keywords that are illegal or harmful to youth and applying banned keywords(including general search) in the broad services, and also managing services that have an adult authentication system, such as limiting the scope of use.3. IMPLEMENTATION OF TRAINING EMPLOYEES TO PROTECT YOUTH CUSTOMERSThe Company is training on a regular basis to educate the internal Youth Protection Officers and Service Personnel on laws and regulations related to youth protection, sanctions standards, countermeasures against harmful information, and reporting procedures for handling violations.4. COUNSELING AND HANDLING GRIEVANCEThe company makes its best efforts to protect youth from harmful youth information.If a member has been harmed by harmful information, or if he / she has an opinion on the company's youth protection policy, he / she can request for counseling and grievance through the telephone or e-mail referring to the contact point specified below. *Customer Center: 1668-4182, E-mail to : 5. YOUTH PROTECTION BY RAISING OVERALL USER AWARENESSIn the event that a member commits unlawful acts on the site, the member may be restricted from using the service or be subject to civil or criminal liability in accordance with the Terms of Service. If new harmful information occurs, it is promptly disseminated through notices or e-mails to protect youth and all users. We are also striving to raise awareness through various information and health education and campaigns.6. YOUTH PROTECTION OFFICER AND PERSONNELThe company is committed to ensuring that youth has access to good information safely.Head of Youth Protection Management

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